Recipe: Deconstructed Greek Salad Sandwich with Fresh Dill

Hey guys! Happy Hump Day everyone! Hope you're all doing dapper! I have a long drive from work to home, and often times this is the time when most recipe ideas come to me. I just have to be careful of not dozing off while driving, drooling over my imaginary future recipes ;) And today I decided that I was going to do a salad, and I love doing my Greek Salad which everyone looooves, but I kinda didn't want to do a salad. I wanted to cheat a bit I guess ;) So I wondered what the hell would a Greek Salad Sandwich look like?

Pretty friggin' amazing, as you'll see!

This sandwich is not only delicious, it is nutritious too! All the herbs, the Olive Oil, the veggies and then the citrus, makes it kinda good for you ;) So go ahead an dig in, and savor the earthiness of the Parsley, the fragrant Dill and the creamy Feta all between two airy, buttery and crunchy Ciabatta toasts. Yum!

Deconstructed Greek Salad Sandwich with Fresh Dill

Serves 2


Fresh Ciabatta bread

8 oz. Block of fresh Feta cheese (I used Trader Joe's)

1 cup Fresh Parsley

1 cup Fresh Dill

8-10 Kalamata Olives

1/2 cup Olive oil

1 Lime (juiced)

1/2 Cucumber

1 large ripe Tomato

1 tbsp Butter

Salt and pepper

Drop the Dill, Parsley, Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper, Lime juice and Olives in a food processor and make a dressing. Set aside.

Toast some thick cut Ciabatta slices in your toaster/oven

In the meantime, peel off parts of Cucumber skin and leave the rest on, and slice the cucumbers about 1/4" thick on a diagonal bias. Set aside.

Slice the Tomatoes 1/4" thick. Set aside.

Take your toast when done, and butter all sides.

Spoon a layer of the dressing, and then slice 1/4" thick slices of the Feta and place on toast. Add some more dressing. Then the cucumbers, some more dressing, and then the tomatoes, some more dressing and finally another layer of the Feta on top, and lightly add some more dressing. Cap it with the second slice of the Ciabatta, and you're done!

Take a look at this veggie monster from Greece.

Umm... wow.

Umm... wow.

Hope you guys try it out, and hit me up here or on my Instagram or Facebook and gimme a holler!

Love to all, and...