Life on repeat

Elusive symmetry melts us into mere clay. Patterns repeat endlessly, rhythms move predictably, life grows into our societies. When we will be old, we will walk into our graves as prisoners of symmetry.

Big land

The land allows you the honor to believe that you've conquered it. Traveled it all. Seen it all. Know it all. The land lives and breathes in front of your eyes, while you stab it with your pride every living minute, to feel bigger than it. The land rebirths silently, awaiting a surrenderer to feel one and equal.

Cook for someone.

May you have the honor of cooking for someone once in your lifetime. May you have the boundless love of someone to cook them a meal. May you warm their hearts and touch their soul with your stew of passion. May your children learn to sow with you. May you have a hand to hold and bread to break.

On god's duty

Work like you're on god's duty to earn your worth. Love like you're on god's duty to change at least one soul for the better. Dream like you're on god's duty to be bigger. Eat like you're on god's duty to realize what a gift it is to be alive. And cook like you're on god's duty to truly understand the meaning of selflessness.


Dirty. Wrinkled. Unmanicured. Gentle. Fierce. Formative. Expressive. Soil soaked. Tired. Happy. Beautiful. Protecting. Loving. Mothering.

Happy mothers day Mom. Thanks for all the care, sheltering and most importantly—the food.


The thought of being.

The though of 'being' is immensely electrifying.

To Be. Become. Transform. Evolve. Grow into are powerful thoughts, and hope is the most beautiful of symptoms of the sensation of being. Either you are on your way to being or you're already being the one you were meant to be, you are practicing the very basic instinct as a human. That's why they called you the human being.

Sometimes the world just needs to be. Be better or be as beautiful as your eyes see it right now.