Summer Burger with Hot Pepper Jelly and Paprika Fries

So here's a sort of a 'recipe' in that I don't have step by step photos :( but I do have a recipe! Sorry guys, this was a last minute meal and had NO time to take photos while cooking. Just one of those things that I had to do and had to eat.... this monster, delicious burger.

So I got this delicious Organic Beef waiting on my counter top and I'm thinking of making some Bolognese sauce or maybe some Kebabs, and in the next second, just like that I changed my mind and decided to raise all hell to make a burger like I've never had before. I had to do it! Just had to! And my wife just stood there with that look on her face "are we really doing this?" An emphatic "YES!" is all she got in return, and a promise of a great burger.

As she walked away into the living room leaving me to my devices, I got to work! I found some delicious Organic Hot Pepper Jelly that I purchased a little while ago at my local farmers market from Riverbank Farms. It's sweet, it's hot and it's amazing, and an wonderful topping for a burger. I found some fire roasted peppers and onions from Trader Joes, got that out and some basic spices in hand, I was in business. I even made some quick Paprika fries to go with it.

This is one of those burgers that you crave on a hot summer evening, that's rich, meaty and juicy, and has an interesting kick to it. You bite into the crispy fries with a hit of smokey paprika and wash it down with your favorite brew, and right there a perfect summer evening is immortalized forever.

I can't wait to share this recipe with you, so let's just do it!

But wait! Since I didn't have any step by step photos this time, let me just give you a little peek under the tent as to what we're in for, with this burger. Ready?!



Do I have your interest ladies and gents?

Summer Burger with Hot Pepper Jelly and Paprika Fries

Serves 2


1 lb. Ground Beef (85/15 fat ratio, or 80/20 if you like it richer)

1 tbsp Mexican Oregano

1 tbsp Smoked Paprika

1 tbsp Cumin powder

1 tbsp Coriander powder

1 large or 2 medium sized cloves garlic (peeled and crushed)

1 tbsp Salt and black pepper

Hot pepper jelly for topping (use any sweet and spicy condiment if you don't have a hot pepper jelly)

Fire roasted peppers and onions from Trader Joes (or make your own at home)

Half an Avocado

1 Lime

Cilantro for garnish

2 Brioche buns

1/2 tsp butter


3 medium size Potatoes

4 cups Grapessed or any high smoke point oil.

This burger is super simple! Can't go wrong :)

Bring out a heavy bottom pan (ideally a cast iron pan which I have) and set it on medium high heat. While that gets hot...

In a large bowl combine all your spice powders including the salt and pepper and the garlic, and add the beef. Mix well with your hands, making sure every little morsel of the red meat is infused with the spices. Set aside.

Add the oil to a deep pan, and start the flame to high.

Cut your potatoes with the skin on into any French fry shape you like, matchstick, shoestring, thick. I just did the basic medium thick cut, and wash the chips well under running water to rid the excess starch.

When the pan is hot, divide the meat mix into two large balls. Roll them nice in your hands and once the pan is very hot throw the ball in the middle of the pan and press down gently with your palms, flattening it a bit. Leave it be for 4-5 minutes. (You'll just repeat this exactly the same way for the other burger as well)

In the meantime throw the veggies on the outer ring of the same pan, and let those veggies come up to temp.

Now check on the oil for the fries. The oil is probably pretty hot right now. Add very gently, half the potatoes into the oil and move them around and let them go for 4 to 5 minutes or till they get that fry-like color.

While that's happening, slice your Brioche bun in half and apply the butter.

if 4-5 minutes have elapsed and your burger has a nice char, flip it for another 3 or 4 minutes.

Toss around the veggies.

Once done remove the burger and veggies onto a plate, and toast the Brioche buns to get a little color on them, about 1-2 minutes. Remove when done.

Remove your fries from your oil and transfer to a mixing bowl. Immediately add some salt and the paprika and toss around. Set aside.

Now we assemble the burger. Slather some hot pepper jelly on each of the halves of the Brioche. Set the meat patty, and then pile on the veggies and then the avocado. Squeeze a bit of lime juice on top and plate in some fries on the side, and pour yourself some ice cold beer. This time I went with the deliciously refreshing Brooklyn Summer Ale That stuff is so good it's dangerous!

And just like that, our summer burger meal is complete! It looks gorgeous and It tastes amazing! Spicy, smokey, sweet and charred, the burger has so many layers or textures and flavors, finished off with a smokey crunch of the paprika fries.

That's a gorgeous chunk of carne!

That's a gorgeous chunk of carne!

With Hot Pepper Jelly dripping all over, this thing is juicy

With Hot Pepper Jelly dripping all over, this thing is juicy

Another well deserved close-up.

Another well deserved close-up.

Please give yourself the opportunity to make this at home! It's such an easy meal to make and everyone is going to love you for it, and if you get to try it with your loved ones, make some new memories surrounded with amazing food, and maybe let them help you in the kitchen as you discuss your day or your future plans while the music plays softly in the back.

That's love. That's summer!